We have received a RA-TECH and Maple Leaf delivery.
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Gas Blowback Rifles
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GHK AIMS: Official GHK Dealer
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Welcome to Milspec Solutions Limited

We are based in the UK specialising in Airsoft Gas Blowback Guns and we offer you a great range of magazines gun parts / upgrades tactical equipment and other accessories.  We ship to most of the World and have been doing so for over 10 years.

With us you will find a comprehensive knowledge of the products and their capabilities but we are always keen to learn from your experiences as well.

Shopping online with us is simple and secure.  Most of our orders are dispatched within two working days.  Buying from us is easy and we intend to keep it that way. If you need to ask us a question then why not send an email and we will do our best.


Milspec Team



Not a problem, and thank you again.  Milspec to the rescue twice in one month!

Ian O

Thanks mate that’s very helpful.

Ian L

That’s brilliant!


Thanks so much for your help and the very rapid reply! 


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent customer service that I've always experienced when speaking with or shopping with you. The speed at which you process orders is phenomenal; whether it's a RIF or just accessories and parts they've always been processed extremely promptly and they arrive very quickly too. COVID has posed a challenge to most businesses and I'm sure you're no different, but the level of service has still been exceptional throughout the pandemic and lockdown etc.

 Thank you again for all your hard work and service! I look forward to shopping with you again in the near future.


Kind regards,

Will L


Everything has been received.

Thank you for everything and not giving up on me.

Have a nice one.



Hi guy’s, just wanted to say thank you for another seamless transaction. The Maple Leaf Hi Capa kit I ordered just arrived safe and sound, as usual I can’t fault your service and will definitely be buying from you again in the future, thank you

Anthony C

I'll be in touch again for future orders. Good to have a GBBR parts supplier in the UK!



Paul M

The npas has just arrived, I really appreciate the customer service.


Ill definitely be a returning customer! 

Alex A

Package picked up mate. You’re a lifesaver 

Dan J

I do agree is it strange, It has broken on the bend line so if it was to fail it would be there.

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service. I will certainly be purchasing any spares for my shooting club guns from you in the future. Have a good weekend mate

Harry F

I can’t thank you enough. Your a game saver :) 

Andy J

Just got word there that the AK was delivered at my house this afternoon. I want to say thanks again for all your help and advice. It’s been a pleasure buying from Milspec!

Maurice J

All received buddy, thanks again! 

Sam P

Good afternoon ,

Thank you for the quick and prompt service.

Dave S

Hi! I wanted to let you know that I just got the package.

Now I'll have something else to do.. self-quarantine is hard. I am fine however.

I hope you guys are fine as well

Giovanni C

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. I’ve just had a terrible experience with ************ and it was such a relief ordering from you. I had placed two separate orders with you and was a little confused when I got the postage refunded for one of them but all was made clear when I received both orders in the same package ( I’m sure other companies would have happily taken both postage fees ) 

Tyler D

Not an enquiry, just a thank you for the very quick shipping of the Angry Gun Flash Hider and Angry Gun L119A2 Charging Handle Latch.  Wasn't expecting so quickly.  Excellent service as always with the bits I've purchased from you.

Paul N

Hi,  Cracking response, I’ll mull that over and do some inspecting, cheers!

James C

Cheers mate, there’s no urgency on my part so don’t worry if it needs leaving til Monday

Fantastic customer service as always 

Jake T

Many thanks for your attention, as of now milspec solutions is my favorite shop, as a matter of fact you are the best GBB airsoft shop.  Keep up the good work!

Pedro S

In any case, I'm really really satisfied by your after sales service. Your comprehension and kindness are exemplary, that's very professional. It's a pleasure to see that in our activity. I will not hesitate to spread the word in my airsoft teams.

Clement M

The part has arrived in excellent condition and fits perfectly. Thank you!

Roeland D

I’ve installed it already - not going to lie I love it! Thanks for everything. I’ll remember that when I need more supplies for sure. 

Dave G

Thank you. Just got the refund. Sorry to mess you about. Thanks for the good customer help! Will definitely be ordering off you again!

Aaron D

just wanted to say a massive thank you to whomever packed and shipped my

order(s) yesterday (e clips and a ghk m4 hop), delivery was really prompt and you guys even packed both my orders into one and refunded 1 postage, can't ask for better customer service!

all the best, Jake

Jake T

Just recieved the 416 buddy. Its a piece of art well impressed. I wont use anyone else now your service is the best ive ever had.



Simon B

Thanks for the quick reply! No worries and thanks for getting it sorted. Spot on customer service!

 Thanks again

Arron K

Fab thanks guys that’s good of you. Thanks again for a cracking service

Simon H

Thanks very much for the fast shipping of my order that is excellent service.

Ben B

They arrived earlier.

Many many thanks for the prompt, extremely professional way that this was handled.

All the very best for the New Year.

Darren D

Wow you're a star, great thank you

Kind regards


Steve R

Received my item today and I have to say you guys are totally amazing. 

Fast delivery and perfect item. I now have my glock 18c working a treat. 

Will be leaving feedback where ever possible and will be using you in future for all my airsoft needs. 

Justin T


Thank you very much for your prompt response As per your advice I checked he junk mail and the receipt was there Thank you for your help :)

Edvinas B

Sorry for the inconvenience. Also thank you very much for your professionalism and your interest you showed via your emails etc. Congrats

Greek Customer

Thanks Milspec Solutions for the fast delivery of my orders.

Jerry H

Thanks for sorting this so quickly.



Richard C

Hi guys

 Thank you for getting back to me and for the advice.

 Much appreciated

Lewis W

Hello, Thank you for helping me - great service!

Paul C

Wow! Thank you so much!

Great customer service at that time of day!

Clemens A

Many thanks TOP services, very fast shipping, installed working great, Kind regards josh 

Josh S

Hi Folks....Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for recent order...That was lightning dispatch!!....I have just ordered another we g17 bbu & a hammer assembly.... I delayed to give other customers a chance at purchasing as I know you had only 3 left after my last order..only 2 bbu,s remaining after my latest order....If they are still there at end of month I will be ordering both...Can’t Understand why they have not been “Snapped up” at this price....?...Your stuff is EXCELLENT QUALITY and these (as you know) are hard to come by


Hello. I was wondering if there was a place on your website to give feedback or write a review? I am very pleased with your company and service and would like to share that information with people who are otherwise comprehensive about purchasing from you. Thank you for great service and excellent products. 

Jesse M

Hi guys , no worrys , it turned up today so was pretty quick , just about to order some more bits for a friend ... cheers for the good service....

Chris P

Thank you so much for that. If at all possible I would like them asap. However I understand the constrains of the royal mail and getting customers orders out for the weekend when they give you no time at all to process it.

Regards John

John H

Thank you SO much!! I could find everything I was looking for :-)


Package received! Huge thanks for help, I goota review all this stuff on your website now:j cheers!


Just wanted to let you know I've received the replacements! Much appreciated for the excellent support! 

Alex L

Thank you for you support on everything, that was much faster than I expected, I am very grateful.

Hunk G

Just to let you know the hop up arrived Saturday. Very impressed, didn’t expect anything to turn up until Tuesday or Wednesday. Brilliant service guys.

 The reason I will choose you again and again.

Richard S

Thanks a lot! Very satisfied about your services.

 Your faithfully

Julien A

It already came yesterday and I am really excited. It is exactly what i wanted and needed for my project.

 I hope, I will make some more purchases from your shop in the future.

 Again, I am really greatful.

 Wish you many more satisfied customers and happy holidays.

Michal C

Thank you for everything, 5* customer support and store in general.

Once again Thank You.



hi guys just want to say thank you for the replacement part for my glock 19 it arrived today and fits perfectly so now my trusted pistol is alive again and going to be kicking ass at my local site and all my followers on YouTube insta and Facebook are happy to see its back in action so thank you so much also im blown away by how fast it arrived too normally im waiting like a week or 2 but not with you guys.

Nathan H


Many thanks for the info (your sales technique is great by the way).

 Once pay day comes around i will be straight to this to buy.

 5 stars dude!!

Jonathan A

This isn't a bad message at all I just want to compliment you guy on the service and stuff I have ordered from you. I was recommended by a friend and you have not disappointed me at all, I thank you and will continue to shop with you when I can


Well such good customer service can only mean repeat business! (when I can afford its, a WE MSK will be next), again thank you so much for the help.

Rich W

Got to say- Im ridiculously happy with my order, been having lots of problems with my g18 (not a fan of green gas but couldn't afford £45 a C02 mag from all the other sites) and it's literally back to perfect running order,  also got to say the absolute quickest airsoft related delivery I've ever received! Kudos to you guys keep it up! 

Ray W

Thanks for the nice gun, prompt order processing, fast shipping, very good packaging. Gladly again.


Thank you very much for solving it so fast, i will definitely be shopping again at milspec.

Tomas G

Quick line just to say I'm impressed with you getting back to me like that - order placed!

Bri M

Just to confirm delivery received with many thanks, quality service you guys provide by the way.

Matthew H

Thank you for the service you are the best airsoft specialist 


Hi mil spec the gun is now working a treat very happy thanks for the info you provided just had a game on Sunday all went all good

Connor P

Dear Milspec,

Thanks a lot for the swift replies and the good customer service.
You guys are awesome!

greetings Noël

Noel B

Many thanks for the great service and fast shipping. A pleasure doing business with you. 


Received my order today, many thanks.

 Yet again fantastic service from Milspec.


Dear milpescsolutions

thank you so much for your answer, now it functions correctly!

I didn't know anithing about that switch.

Thank you for your courtesy and rapid answers.

I'm sure I will buy again on your site in future, and I'll recommend it to my friends.


Thank you very much. Once again..great site with excellent customer service. I look forward to doing lots more business with you.

Thanks again.


Thank you very much for your quick turnaround, much appreciated will order again :) 


Hello, or as we say in Northern Germany: Moin Moin!

The package has now arrived and the conversion kit looks fantastic. Thanks for the quick and easy delivery.

Greetings from Germany and until the next order!


thank you very muchi got my springs its really quickhigh rates webshop !

Linda H

Yesterday I received my GHK G5 in the post and I must say I am extremely happy with everything! Milspec solutions dispatched quickly and provided a top quality service! I am extremely happy with how fast I got my parcel, especially considering I am in Northern Ireland, and with how well it was packaged! 5* job from yourselves at Milspec Solutions, I will definitely be buying from you again and have already recommended you to a few of my friends! 

Matthew M

Hey Guys

Thanks so much for your response!  Will try this! I will get back to you with the results! 

You are awesome! 


Mark B

You still continue to be the best gas and airsoft specialist on the Internet. Thank you for you continued great service.

All the best.



You just became my top supplier. Good job!


Tank you

Thanks all arrived! Top Shop, Top Service 150%


Thankyou so much for such a speedy process and delivery. Will be recommending you highly to our other airsoft buddies. Look forward to dealing with you again..Thanks again


Excellent, as a formal compliment thank you very much for a quick and easy purchase of some fairly expensive equipment, thank you for a brilliant customer service staff team and thank you in advanced for the future products I am privileged to buy from this wonderful shop! 


Cool thanks I don't trust getting parts from anywhere else


Just got home and first thing I see on the floor is my package :D Thanks again for great service and fast shipping though I mixed the date of shipping with a domestic order (and therefore asked about tracking). Once again you provide better services and faster shipping than some domestic stores do.  Have a great weekend! 


Supremely fast customer service and very knowledgeable. Order time to delivery was exceptional, looking forward to doing more business in future! 


Morning guys, 

I've received my package and I am made up, thank you for the outstanding service.

I will be ordering again. Have a good day

Many thanks 


Rob N

Hi bud, just to say thanks for getting the unit to me so quickly I really appreciate it!


Fabio K

Ohhh thanks didn’t notice I’ll do that right now thanks again really good service from this shop I must say Thanks Ben 

Ben D

Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated

Karl G

Thanks for the speedy service guys

Items arrived safe already

All the best

Gary C



I’ll look out for the restock.


Thanks for the great service and have a good weekend!

James A

Otherwise legend thank you for the advice.

Sammy W

Thank you guys, huge help.  Have a great day


Harvey G

Package arrived without problems, thank you !

Pascal S

Many thanks again for the quality service guys


Hi.  The replica arrived today, and its perfect.  I want to thank you for an excellent service in all our conversations.

 All the best. 

Patrick B

Thank you very much for sorting that out for me. I look forward to receiving it all soon.


Many thanks for coming back (you'll be shocked how many other airsoft suppliers never reply!).   I'll put an order in right now!


You are awesome! Great thanks!


Thanks for letting me know! That's great service! :D

B Kelly

I received the package yesterday. You guys are awesome. A big thanks to the team for your quick answers and availability.


Thanks bud, I thought I'd lost it. Thanks for the quick response. 

Cheers Chris 

Chris S

Ah that's brilliant thankyou! Eager to get it installed! Thanks for your help 


Thank you so much, you guys rock! Have a nice day and thank you for your help.

Rob N

That's great, thank you for the quick response, I'll keep that in mind.

Kai P

OK cool.  Thanks for all your help again.

Martin J

Excellent service thank you. 

Chris C

Hello Milspec,  I received my order today. Extremely rapid shipment and prompt service from your store!

I really appreciated and look forward to further cooperation!

Thanks again!

Andrey B

Hello again!  The items arrived today, thank you so much for your services and quality products! 

 Have a great day!

Mitch A

Hey folks, just wanted to leave a testimonial for two recent orders but couldn't find where to do that on the site...

 Supremely fast customer service and very knowledgeable. Order time to delivery was exceptional, looking forward to doing more business in future!

 Thanks again! 


Brilliant! Thanks for your help, much appreciated.



Thank you for the super quick reply and background gen on the mags. Cheers for putting me on the waiting list and I'll look forward to hearing from you at some point when they're available! 


Many Thanks YET AGAIN IAIN for having parts that were seemingly impossible to source.....I really would be lost without your help Buddy


Hi there, Brilliant – thanks for the help and information – very much appreciated!

Jon S

Thank you very much for getting back to me, I have just ordered the kit. You must be the only place on the planet to have one in stock right now!

Aidan L

Perfect thanks again for all ur help mate 

Anthony D

Order inbound! Cheers mate

John M

Thanks very much for the part! It works perfectly!


Brilliant thank you very much, and for pointing that mistake out. I would’ve never noticed.

I’ll be sure to leave positive feedback.


Thank you so much for the extra parts you really didn't have to it's much appreciated was such a suprise excellent customer service.


Thank you! I’m sure I will be ordering from you in the future! 


Hi, oh that Brill :) thanks for letting me know so quickly. 


Thank you ever so much for this, apologies for messing you around. Your service has been brilliant I will be coming back.


Thank you so much for being understanding, I really appreciate it.


I would just like to say a massive thank you for today I am more than happy with my purchase and fantastic customer service. Great advice and great talking to you. 


I will fully recommend milspec to friends within the airsoft community and 100% be a returning customer. 


Thank you again.


You are a star! Thank you


Wow, arrived this morning, didn't expect it so quickly! Many thanks for the speedy resolution.


Thank you for the great service


Once again a great service. Just wanted to let you know. 


You're an absolute gent, thank you. 


Thanks for such a prompt response,  really grateful. 


I really appreciate the effort, thank you very much.


Thanks for taking the time with detailed explanation, some good advice and insight.

Adam L

Awesome, thanks for the quick reply!

Thomas N

Think that is what I’ll do to be honest. Cheers for all the advice on it, it’s been really helpful.

Jack G

Thank you, I will do, honestly thank you for the customer service aspect as well, you don’t get that from many companies any more.

Adam G

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for your help. 

Mark O

Just recieved the parts :) thank you for the oil! Youre a star! 

Do you benefit for trust pilot reviews or have anywhere else i can leave a gleaming review? 

Gareth H

Brilliant! Thank you! 

Your customer service has been incredible!


The parts I ordered arrived  this morning  thank you. Great service as usual.

Paul H

Awesome service by the way. They arrived this afternoon. 

Mark W

Mate you’re a star and that valuable information means the world so many many thanks dude


Thanks, just ordered, suspect I may end up buying a lot from you.

Simon A

Take care and keep up the great work

James A

Many thanks!  Have a great weekend



Thank you for the quick answer !


That's great, thank you very much.


Frustrating! But thank you I really appreciate it 


Thank you for your swift reply. I have now placed an order for this item.

 Have a nice day! 


Thank you very much  you have a great shop with all the bits and pieces you can’t get and make owning and using gbbr a fun Thank you 


That's Amazing thank you so much for the quick support and feedback! Definitely have to shop here more often! 


Thanks for getting back to me so promptly – Much appreciated


Perfect, thank you so much!


Thank you for your very helpful and understanding response.

Kind regards