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FG-Airsoft M4 Recoil Spring Soft

FG-Airsoft M4 Recoil Spring Soft
Brand: FG-Airsoft
Product Code: FG-Airsoft M4 Recoil Spring Soft
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FG-Airsoft M4 / AR soft recoil spring

This extra-soft spring (softer than GHK or WE springs) will reduce cooldown, this improves consistency but will reduce rate of fire and response.

The FG springs are characterized by a very long free length (about 40cm against 30cm for most springs). This longer length makes it possible to reduce the increase in spring force during the recoil of the bolt, which has three effects:

-during the recoil: the bolt and the buffer are less braked and arrive faster against the bottom of the tube (gain kick) 

-at the end of recoil: the energy accumulated by the spring is less which reduces the stress against the boltcatch

-when returning, the bolt returns less quickly, which reduces shock against the bb’s, the lips and the hop up chamber

This spring is softer than WE springs and is more comparable to GHK, will improve resistance to cold, but will reduce the rate of fire and reactivity.

Be careful: the harder a spring is, the more it increases rate of fire and reactivity but the more it generates cool down, to the detriment of consistency.

Compatible with - WE VFC GHK VIPER WA, M4, M16, M733, AR15, 416

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