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Lees Precision CNC CCW TM MK23 SOCOM Outer Barrel NBB

Lees Precision CNC CCW TM MK23 SOCOM Outer Barrel NBB
Brand: Lees Precision
Product Code: Lees Precision CNC CCW TM MK23 SOCOM Outer Barrel NBB
Availability: In Stock

The Lees Precision CNC CCW TM MK23 SOCOM outer barrel NBB enables you to use standard 14mm CCW threaded accessories but without having the extra length a 16mm to 14mm CCW thread adapter adds to it.

Now with this CNC machined 14mm CCW barrel there is no need for a thread adapter, 14mm CCW mock suppressors, tracers or even outer barrel extensions can be fitted on directly.

Please note that this is for the None Blowback version pistol.

In addition to being a much neater way of adding a 14mm CCW thread to your Mk23 these barrels feature a larger through bore to allow longer inner barrels to be used without any modification and will accommodate most brands of inner barrels, 3 o-rings are also provided to stablise the inner barrel within the outer, only 1 needs to be used but all 3 can be stacked together. Please note that certain brands of inner barrel with a smaller outside diameter of 8.1mm or less such as KM Head barrels may not be well supported by the o-rings.

The redesigned split clamp body combined with the higher quality material used for these barrels also allows them to clamp down more securely ontop the hopup unit than the stock die cast alloy barrels, care should be taken when tightening the clamp bolt to avoid stripping the thread.

Each adapter is CNC machined from a solid bar of 6026 T9 aircraft grade aluminium with smooth machine cut threads and is anodised black.

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