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About Us

Who are you?

Milspec Solutions is a Limited Company formed in November 2010 and became a UKARA registered retailer in early 2011.  We now sell not only in the UK but around the world as well. We supply to Airsofters, Crown Servants, Reenactors, Museums, Film and Theatre Companies.

Why did you get into Airsoft?

To be honest – by accident!  A friend introduced us to our local site and I was hooked!  It was also the place where I had the first experience of ‘Gas Blowback’.  Like every other newbie I did my time and once eligible – the story began from there.

Why ‘Gas Blowback’?

Simple – because we believe you get more feedback from this type and the style of game play required when using one, is in our opinion – far more realistic.  GBB is as close as you can get to real Firearms in the UK.   Also our experience with Firearms is that cleaning and maintenance goes hand in hand.  Military type weapons are made for soldiers to be able to strip and reassemble in the dark.  The GBB’s that we sell are very faithful to the real thing so maintaining your GBB should not be something to be intimidated by.  In fact we think that it increases the enjoyment.  What has been missing in this space is someone who will share all of the strengths and areas to watch out for.  This is exactly what Milspec offers to our customers and we provide updates to existing customers should any further information come to light.  Some people have a very poor opinion of GBB’s but we believe that this is mainly driven by the complete lack of product backup generally available today.  This is why Milspec is different and also the main reason why we only deal with certain manufacturers. 


We also stock a modest range of AEG rifles.  The ones we stock are of excellent quality/value for money.  All we have is what we use ourselves.  

Company Info

Milspec Solutions Limited

71 Westhead Road, Croston, Leyland, Lancashire PR26 9RS.   

Company registration number – 7446855.  

VAT number 103254561

Email: sales@milspecsolutions.co.uk