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Element LLM Module

Element LLM Module
Brand: Element
Product Code: LLM Module
Availability: In Stock

New fully functional version.

The Element LLM Module is is an adaptive target acquisition module originally designed for the German G36 but is probably more recognised in use with the British L85A2.  The module is designed to fit on 20mm RIS / RAS Rails, giving the user access to a Torch, Red Laser, IR Laser and LED Illuminator for Night Vision all in one place. This Airsoft clone version comes with a swivel fitted connection remote pressure switch.

The torch features four modes: 100 Lumen CREE LED Flashlight, 5mW Visible Red Laser, IR Laser and IR LED Illuminator. The IR Laser and IR Illuminator are designed for Night Vision Equipment.  

Batteries not included.

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