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Do you have a 'walk in' store?

We do not operate a retail premises.  Most of our orders go out to all parts of the UK and we have a significant business in Europe.  As such we decided not to open a walk in store. 

We are a registered Limited Company and have just started our 7th year trading.  We are very happy to arrange a collection which has to be strictly by appointment.  Due to the nature of our business the local Police have asked us and our visiting customers to be discrete.

Do you supply Two Tone Replica Guns?

No - we do not supply any Two Tone replicas of any kind.

You seem to send a lot of orders to Europe but not full gun replicas to Asia/USA - why?

This is because we would have to send such packages via an aircraft and we find there is usually a lot of problems with Customs on entry.

Do you accept other forms of 'Defence' other than UKARA?  (UK sales only)

Having a UKARA Player Number is just a quick way of being able to validate a customer request to purchase a RIF. If a Player chooses to operate within a different system then that is fine but please understand that we may not have immediate access to that validation method.  In those circumstances, the onus is on the customer to provide proof of membership of a site which holds appropriate 3rd Party Insurance etc.


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