We have received a GHK parts and magazines delivery.


Do you have a 'walk in' store?

We do not operate a retail premises.  Although based in the UK we have a significant International business and as such we decided not to open a walk in store. 

Can orders be collected from your address?

We are very happy to arrange a collection which has to be strictly by appointment.  Due to the nature of our business the local Police have asked us and our visiting customers to be discrete.

Do you supply Two Tone Replica Guns?

No - we do not supply any Two Tone replicas of any kind.

I placed an order but do not seem to have received a confirmation?

Our site automatically sends a confirmation when an order is placed.  These confirmations are usually found in your spam/junk inbox depending upon your security settings.  You may wish to add us to your 'safe sender' list so that these arrive without problem.

If I ask to be notified when an item is back in stock will you get back to me or do I have to keep checking?

We keep all stock notification requests and we always send an email when an item is available again.  Please make sure you provide a correct email address as we get quite a lot of bounce backs because the email address provided is not recognised.

You seem to send a lot of orders to Europe but not full gun replicas to Asia/USA - why?

This is because we would have to send such packages via an aircraft and we find there is usually a lot of problems with Customs on entry.

Do you accept other forms of 'Defence' other than UKARA?  (UK sales only)

Having a UKARA Player Number is just a quick way of being able to validate a customer request to purchase a RIF. If a Player chooses to operate within a different system then that is fine but please understand that we may not have immediate access to that validation method.  In those circumstances, the onus is on the customer to provide proof of membership of a site which holds appropriate 3rd Party Insurance etc.

Do you charge VAT for European orders?

As of the 1st January 2021 we no longer charge VAT for our European customers.  Please note that any such orders may require additional import fees to be paid but this will depend upon your domestic Customs policy and is beyond our control nor do we have any ability to tell you what these fees could be.

Do you attach a Customs label for orders shipped outside of the UK?

Yes we attach a Customs label for all orders shipped outside of the UK which also includes the Channel Islands.  The correct HS Tariff code (Toys/Toy parts) will be provided along with correct order value and our Company details.

How long does it take for orders to arrive in other Country destinations?

Orders leave the UK very quickly.  The time taken for delivery is always dependent upon the receiving country Customs and domestic postal service.  Orders sent via International Signed For service have a degree of tracking depending upon country but if the package is held in Customs then you may not see any update for several days.  We have no ability to provide further information than what is available via such tracking services.

Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) - UK only.

Under government regulations issued in January 2007 we are all obliged and must play our part to ensure that the amount of waste on certain electrical and electronic equipment is reduced going forward.
Furthermore where it is produced as waste we must work together to ensure that it is separated from household waste, collected separately and ultimately disposed of in a sound environmental manner (recycled and recovered).
In essence some of the chemicals and metals in these electrical items can be harmful to the soil and human health when disposed of in landfill sites.
By adopting the new regulations and working together we can all reduce the amount of landfill and resulting contamination.
For your part as the customer you are encouraged to examine your electrical waste before throwing it away and in particular look for the rating plate and if the WEEE logo is present (a dustbin with a cross through it) you must not throw it in your household waste.
We offer our customers the facility to return to us any unwanted electrical airsoft items for safe disposal & recycling.
Should this facility be required please contact us