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FG-Airsoft M4 Heavy Weight Buffer

FG-Airsoft M4 Heavy Weight Buffer
Brand: FG-Airsoft
Product Code: M4 Heavy Weight Buffer
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This stainless steel M4 buffer from FG-Airsoft is 180g or 350% heavier than the WE version and 600% heavier than the G&P.  It also features an integrated recoil spring. 

Fit this in your gas blowback M4 and you really will feel the difference.  Without doubt the best M4 buffer currently available.

Buffer comes with a set of washers so that the recoil distance can be adjusted.  To fit, install 3 washers in the stock tube and try to cycle by hand.  If the bolt catch does not work then remove a washer, if the bolt can go more than 3mm rear of the bolt catch then add a washer. For the GHK M4 use only one washer.   Please ensure that you are happy with your set up by manually cycling the weapon before actual use.

Also suitable for GHK, WA, VFC Vipertech & INO.  Not suitable for Tippmann M4 GBB.


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