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Brand: GHK
Product Code: AUG A2 GBBR
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GHK, one of the industry leaders in the development and production of gas blowback Airsoft rifles, has now added the lauded, iconic AUG rifle to their stable of extremely realistic high performance line-up. A detailed homage to the AUG, the GHK AUG features a body made from heavy duty polymer, very similar to the materials used in the production of the actual firearm. All the hallmarks of the traditional AUG design have been included. The integrated carry handle features a crystal clear 1.5x magnified optic, topped with a set of traditional open iron sights. The forward vertical grip folds up and out of the way when not in use and gives the rifle a snag-free and more streamlined design. The bolt and firing mechanism are all in their proper place, towards the rear of the rifle, behind the shooters hand, allowing for the use of a 20 inch barrel on what is otherwise a very compact system.

FG-Airsoft Adjustable nozzle is recommended for FPS adjustment - available here

Different barrel lengths with hop units are also available.

System - gas blowback open bolt, semi/full automatic, Green Gas

Hop up – adjustable

Build Material – full metal/high strength polymer

Magazine Capacity – 36 rounds

Length – 700mm.

Weight – 3100grams

Please note that the velocity/muzzle energy of this item can vary according to gas type used and ambient temperature.

FG-Airsoft adjustable nozzle available here

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