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WE MP7-A1 - New Gen Gas Blowback

WE MP7-A1 - New Gen Gas Blowback
Product Code: MP7-A1 - New Gen Gas Blowback
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The WE MP7-A1 is not only a more authentic replica of the famous H&K MP7 SMG, it is also a significant improvement on the original WE SMG8.

Improved fire selector and trigger parts - this is a completely different gun to the first SMG8 release.  The MP7 also has a stronger steel stock latch so it will stand up to a good amount of punishment.  The gun accepts the SMG8 magazine which now have an improved gas router for better efficiency.  Polymer made, the gun comes with front & rear sights plus 2 x side rails for mounting of accessories (not fitted on photo).  A 14mm CCW silencer adapter included with 1 x 40rd magazine.  Please note that there is no manual included in the box but the SMG8 version can be found on the net.

Looking for real steel dimensions but at a lower price then this could be the gun for you.

We recommend that this SMG should be fitted with either a RA-TECH NPAS kit or a FG-Airsoft LFS Restrictor Disc so the power output can be adjusted/set according to site requirements.

See the FG-Airsoft LFS Disc here.

See the RA-TECH NPAS Kit here.

System - gas blowback open bolt, semi/full automatic, Green Gas

Hop up – adjustable

Build Material – Polymer body

Magazine Capacity – 40 rounds

Length – 420mm / 640mm (stock fully extended)

Weight – 2280g

Muzzle velocity – 280/330FPS depending on gas type used and ambient temperature.

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