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WE Masada ACR MSK Open Bolt Black

WE Masada ACR MSK Open Bolt Black
Product Code: Masada ACR MSK Open Bolt Black
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Gas rifles are relatively simple but they do require a technical level of confidence to maintain them in good condition.  They also have limitations in terms of magazine capacity and sub optimal performance in colder temperatures.  As they are expensive, please consider if  such an item meets your game play requirements and if you have the required level of technical confidence.

We do not advise this item to be purchased if you are new to Airsoft.

Please note that the velocity/muzzle energy of this item can vary according to gas type used and ambient temperature. 

The WE replica of the Remington Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) is another leap forward for the gas blowback enthusiast.  The standard rifle has very good range and is a real pleasure to shoot.

The WE MSK comes with the new 'P' style magazine and the gun works perfectly well with the standard M4 magazine as well.  

We recommend that this rifle should be fitted with either a RA-TECH NPAS kit or a FG-Airsoft LFS Restrictor Disc so the power output can be adjusted/set according to site requirements.

See the FG-Airsoft LFS Disc here.

See the RA-TECH NPAS Kit here.

System - gas blowback open bolt, semi/full automatic, Green Gas

Hop up – adjustable

Build Material – full metal/polymer furniture

Magazine Capacity – 30 + 2 rounds

Length – full extension - 950mm.  Folded - 720mm.

Weight – 3450grams

Muzzle velocity – dependant on gas type/BB's used and ambient temperature








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