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WE MP5 Apache A2

WE MP5 Apache A2
Product Code: MP5 Apache A2
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WE version of the classic fixed stock MP5.  Stamped/welded steel receiver means that the build quality is very high.  Selective semi/full automatic and 3 round burst makes this even more interesting.

Gun comes with a 45 Round magazine although there is a higher quality 30 Rnd and 26 Rnd magazine available.  QD flash hider also included.  Full bolt hold open function on empty and strips like the real steel version. 

A must for your collection.

We recommend that this rifle should be fitted with either a RA-TECH NPAS kit or a FG-Airsoft LFS Restrictor Disc so the power output can be adjusted/set according to site requirements.

See the FG-Airsoft LFS Disc here.

See the RA-TECH NPAS Kit here.

System - gas blowback open bolt, semi/3-Burst/full automatic, Green Gas

Hop up – adjustable

Build Material – stamped/welded steel with polymer furniture

Magazine Capacity – supplied with 45 Rnds magazine.

Length – 680mm

Weight – 2900g

Muzzle velocity – Dependant on gas type used and ambient temperature.


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