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Product Code: AK74U
Availability: Out Of Stock (Notify me when this is back in stock)

Please note that the velocity/muzzle energy of this item can vary according to gas type used and ambient temperature. 

It is almost certain that you will need to obtain either a different factory nozzle to comply with your game site rules or fit the FG-Airsoft adjustable nozzle.

FG-Airsoft adjustable nozzle available here.

Read the write up on 'World Guns' and you soon realise just how faithful this AK74UN by GHK really is.

The 'U' (Ukorochennyj - short in Russian) was intended for tank, helicopter and other vehicle crews due to its compact design.  It was also used by Special Forces who required a powerful weapon platform with enhanced agility.  The AKS74UN has been issued to pretty much all of the former USSR countries and these days is still a popular choice because of its size for use in sometimes less than savoury situations in cars and under clothes etc.

GHK have firmly established their reputation for making some of the best gas blowback guns available and this is no exception. Correct flash hider type and hinged top cover combined with a very well made folding stock makes this 'sub' assault rifle a real collectors piece.  If you like your AK's like we do then feel free to give us a call.  This is the 'N' type as it has the side mount rail for adding scopes/optics etc.  GHK rifles can be a little powerful so we recommend the fitting of the FG-Airsoft adjustable nozzle and then you can take this rather distinctive weapon into any scenario you like.

System - gas blowback, semi/full automatic

Hop up – adjustable

Build Material – full metal/wood

Magazine Capacity – 40 rounds

Length – 950mm

Weight – 3500grams

Please note that the velocity/muzzle energy of this item can vary according to gas type used and ambient temperature

FG-Airsoft adjustable nozzle available at additional cost.




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