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GHK AK 1 Joule Loading Nozzle

GHK AK 1 Joule Loading Nozzle
Brand: GHK
Product Code: AK 1 Joule Loading Nozzle
Availability: In Stock

GHK AK 1 joule loading nozzle Part GKM-08-1J.

GHK data for this version is approx 100m/s using 12KG gas. 

This will vary depending on ambient temperatures length of barrel and the gas type used.


Do not purchase this nozzle if you are intending to use CO2 magazines as the muzzle energy will exceed 1 Joule.

It is impossible to 'set' the muzzle energy of a gas blowback rifle as there are too many variables involved.

These are the gas type used, any modifications carried out, use of CO2 or HPA systems and above all the ambient temperature on the day.

User must accept that the product title is copied from the GHK parts list and cannot be assumed to be an absolute.

It is down to the individual Player to consider the configuration in use and to ensure that Country/Site limits are adhered to.

Milspec Solutions Ltd does not accept any liability for this platform being allowed to exceed any Country/Site limit.

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