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RA-TECH M4 Magic Pin

RA-TECH M4 Magic Pin
Brand: RA-TECH
Product Code: M4 Magic Pin
Availability: In Stock

RA-TECH M4 Magic Pin ensures a good fit for your upper and lower receiver.  Also suitable for G&P, KJ INO Prime.  Part No RAG-WE-003.  Will also fit GHK M4 but is slightly longer than the stock version.

This item replaces the original front M4 receiver pin. 

This is what a customer told us 'After removing the standard front take down pin and retaining pin the RA Tech pin fitted smoothly, and with just a very small adjustment on the Allen screw all the wobble was removed. The upper receiver still hinges on the from pin as it should and when closed all of the previous wobble is removed.  The magic pin is a great way to remove any wobble, easy to fit and adjust and a direct replacement for the standard front takedown pin.'


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