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FG-Airsoft LFS Disc 3 Pack

FG-Airsoft LFS Disc 3 Pack
Brand: FG-Airsoft
Product Code: LFS Disc 3 Pack
Availability: In Stock

The Low Flow System is a 3 pack of CNC machined plastic rings which will reduce the FPS by approx. 20/15/10%.  The system works by restricting the amount of air flow through the loading nozzle.  The LFS system can be used in any WE Open Bolt rifle & VFC rifles such as the M4 and HK416/7. 

Much easier to fit than a NPAS the LFS provides a site safe FPS velocity and is very stable.  Completely reversible.  One customer said that this was the best upgrade part he had ever fitted.  

White disc - 20%.  Blue disc - 15%.  Black disc - 10%.  Please note that we cannot tell you which disc to use in any particular gun as there are a number of variables to consider.

See video here

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